About Us

TeroMovigo is a spin-off of the University of Beira Interior (UBI) founded in 2017 by researchers of SEGAL, a R&D laboratory focused on Geomatics and GeoInformatics hosted by the Faculty of Engineering.

TeroMovigo is a company that combines scientific knowledge with field experience and focuses on developing and implementing optimal solutions for clients in public and private sectors. TeroMovigo has large experience in the management and execution of technical-scientific projects, software development and integrated hardware solutions for Geo-applications (e.g., GNSS Permanent Station Networks, Dedicated Geoid Models, Web Services).

The multidisciplinary team of TeroMovigo has executed significant projects globally, in partnership with international organizations (United Nations, UNESCO, JPL [U.S.A.], DLR [Germany]), national agencies (e.g., Mozambique, Nigeria, Angola, Bhutan, Mongolia), and private companies (e.g., Rio Tinto, Mota-Engil, MonMap).